Out of all the clubs in your golfbag, there are few that provoke such strong emotions as your putter. Your game on the putting green is often decisive for the feeling and mindset that you carry with you to the next hole.

Our profession is our passion and we love what we do. In 2015 an idea was born to tailor premium putters of the highest quality and precision to golf enthusiast; and Sandflo Golf Co. saw first light.
Today we can proudly say that we are the only company in Sweden who manufacture custom-made putters that meet customer wishes and requirements. Production takes place in Trollhättan, a small city in southwestern Sweden, at the company's own factory. Owning our own equipment generates 100-percent control of the process and provides the highest quality products and the best service to the customers.
In close dialogue with the customer, the process can be monitored from sketch to finished product. Each putter is unique and the client has the opportunity to select materials, design, weight distribution and pattern. Some customers have a clear picture of what design and engraving their putter should have, while others let Johan draw up a proposal. The result is a unique putter that is fully designed according to the customer's wishes. Once the design is in place, a 3D sketch is made, which is then sent to the customer for a final assessment and the production can start.
Johan Sandflo, founder of Sandflo Golf Co. explains how it all started:
”As an avid golfer, I've always thought it's been fun to keep track of new equipment. I checked online for clubs that were more personal, and finally came to the conclusion that I could produce my own. I have the knowledge, I have the machines and thought; why not begin to develop a model and see what happens. The putter is the most personal club in your bag, and if it is "your" club, it will help you sink more putts.”
He began to look for clubs that were different, more tailored to customer requirements, and realized pretty quickly that by using the resources found in his mechanical workshop there was a great opportunity to create his own putters. This realization started Sandflo Golf Co. and the manufacturing of their own clubs started. Since the start in 2015, the company has made clubs of steel, copper, brass, aluminum.